Yehudi Menuhin Foundation
Mario Villuendas
cello and music direction
Alessandro Quarta
violin (honor guest)

15.09.2019 – 20:00
Palazzo Sangiovanni
Alessano (LECCE)


Works by

Johann Sebastian Bach, Stéphane Grappelli, Django Reinhardt, Astor Piazzolla…

Yehudi Menuhin Foundation

The concept of Yehudi Menuhin Foundation’s residence at Muse Salentine Festival, is to revisit some of the repertoire dear to Yehudi Menuhin by including elements of traditional music and bringing together classical artists and musicians from an Italian folk tradition background. The programme embraces composers Yehudi Menuhin particularly appreciated, such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Turina, Piazzolla, Villa-Lobos, Grappelli and Reinhardt as well as works from the European traditional repertoire. Invited musicians include soloists from the Brussels Chamber Orchestra, musicians proposed by MUS-E Italia and a special guest of honour: the Italian violinist Alessandro Quarta.