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Priority mailing of the Festival Programme
Free entrance to the concerts
Free concert programme
Reserved seats at the concerts*
Mentioned on the website of Muse Salentine**
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Invitation to the dinner for Supporting Members and Maecenas during the festival - August 8th, at the Palazzo Sangiovanni, after Paul Fejko's concert.
Invitation to attend the rehearsal
Free new CD of the musicians of 2024 edition

* As the seats are limited, we recommend you contact us to reserve your place
** If you don’t wish to be mentioned, please inform us

Muse Salentine would like to express its sincere gratitude to our Members for their interest in our cultural initiative which is to bring high quality music to the beautiful Salento peninsula and to give us the possibility to be more ambitious.


Anne-Sophie & Pierre Gurdjian
Miriam-Pia & Lionel de Rienzo Gazzola
Carol e Geneviève van Wonterghem-Brion
Monica Dal Prà & Paolo Nicoletti
Beatrice Gianani & Carlo des Dorides
Piero et Laura Fasanella
Rodolphe de Borchgrave d'Altena
Cecilia & Alberto Scarpa
Véronique Pevtschin
Michel & Marie-Laure Peterbroeck
Giovannella & Edward Dunn

Supporting Members

Isabelle Henricot
Beatrice Scarascia Mugnozza & Johan Ryngaert
Antonietta Bacchetta & Pasquale Piccinni
Vincent De Cat
Pietro Pizzuti
Lucrezia Lopez y Royo di Taurisano
Martino Bacile di Castiglione
Lucia & Giovanni Guarini
Vito Lucarelli
Alessia Parenti & Andrea Baldassarro
Rossella & Giovanni Arditi di Castelvetere
Maria Lucia & Giuseppe Seracca Guerrieri
Laura Montrucchio & Jean-Francois Pahin
Flavia Melchiorri Terribile
Enrica & Alberto Sifola di San Martino
Maria Josefina Durini & Nicolas Wollak
Viviana Pasquini
Victoria & Giuseppe Lopez y Royo di Taurisano
Susan Rogers & David Dunbar
Nicki & Tom d'Ansembourg
Francesco Winspeare
Virginie e Michel Mabille
Anne Odile Carnazzi
Giulia Barela
Michele Cervone d'Urso & Manù Cervone d'Urso Lucarelli
Kash Gabriele Torsello
Gabriele & Susanne Giudice
Tiziana Frescobaldi
Gabriella & Gerardo Solaro del Borgo
Alberta & Francesco di Palma
Benedetta & Mario Parma
Lena & Jan de Geer
Laura & Eric de Cormis
Antonio et Beatrice Iannizzotto Venezze
Jos & Tom Waller
Maria Gloria Viero Terribile & Franco Melchiorri
Fabrizia & Giulio Seracca Guerrieri Arditi di Castelvetere
Chantal de Sauvage – d’Oultremont
Susanna & Gianluigi Sangiovanni
Geneviève & Staffan de Mistura
Sylvie Maudhuit
Le Condroz Culturel
Anna Guarini
Paolo Genta Ternavasio
Paola Episcopo
Katrin Susanne Brökelmann
Gianni Bella
Sofia Angeloni

For members

Ordinary Members

We recommend you book seats by sending an email to [email protected] mentioning the concerts you would like to attend. You will have priority over non-members for a seat.

Supporting Members

We recommend you book seats by sending an email to [email protected] mentioning the concerts you would like to attend.


Your seats will be guaranteed but we recommend you book seats by sending an email to [email protected] mentioning the concerts you would like to attend.